Salvador (immigration ship)

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a mass graves of the 223 passengers of the ship Salvador who drowned at sea in Mount Herzl in Jerusalem

The Salvador was a ship that sank in the Sea of Marmara on 12 December 1940. It was carrying Jewish emigrants from Bulgaria. The ship sank next to the beach of Silivri, Turkey. There were 238 Jews, 3 crew members, and 2 volunteers on board -204 passengers {including 66 children} were lost. Of 123 survivors-63 were sent back of Bulgaria; the rest resided in Istanbul and were on the immigrant ship Darien II which was intercepted by the British March 29, 1941; the emigrants were interred in Atlit for a year and half. In 1964, the 223 bodies were buried in the National Civil Cemetery of the State of Israel at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. Twenty-one of the bodies were not identified. A memorial for all of the victims was built beside the graves.

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