Salvadoran Navy

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Salvadoran Navy
Fuerza Naval de El Salvador
Salvadoran Navy Seal.svg
Founded1912 (original)
12 October 1951
Country El Salvador
TypeNaval warfare
Size150,000 personnel[1]
Motto(s)"Patria, Lealtad y Valor" ("Homeland, Loyalty and Valor (Courage)")
EngagementsFootball War
Salvadoran Civil War

The Salvadoran Navy or Navy of El Salvador (in Spanish: Fuerza Naval de El Salvador) is a branch of the Salvadoran Army, it was founded on October 12, 1951.[2]

It has participated in two Important Conflicts, the Football War and the Salvadoran Civil War, currently the Navy is dedicated to the protection of the Coasts and Fisheries.[3]

Current Fleet[change | change source]

Number/name Image Builder Class Type Displacement Year Status in NAVY Details
Patrol Ships
 United States Camcraft-type Patrol boat 100t 1975 In service (2019)[4] Builder Camcraft, Crown Point, USA.
PM10  United States Swiftships 65ft class Patrol boat 36t 1984 In service (2019)[5] Builder Swiftships, Morgan City, USA.
PM11 160815-N-GP524-465.jpg  United States Swiftships 77ft class Patrol boat 48t 1985 In service (2019)[6] Builder Swiftships, Morgan City, USA.
PM12 USCGC Point Evans.jpg  United States USCG Point class cutter Patrol boat 69t 1967 In service (2019)[7] Commissioned 2001. Builder Martinac SB, Tacoma, USA.
Coastal Patrol Boats
Lanchas 01.jpg  United States 37-foot Boston Whaler Patrol boat In service (2020)[8] Donates 8 units government of US.

Builder Boston Whaler boats, USA.

PC01-09 USMC Riverine Assault Craft (RAC) in Paraguay.jpeg  United States Protector class Patrol boat 11t 1988: LP01-05 1989: LP06-09 In service (2019)[9] 1998: one unit discarding.

In service (2019): 8 units. Builder SeaArk Marine, Monticello, USA.

Landing crafts
BD02 US Navy 090615-N-6676S-456 Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM) 14, assigned to Assault Craft Unit (ACU) 2, transports Sailors, Soldiers and Marines during operations supporting Joint Logistics Over-The-Shore (JLOTS) exercises.jpg  United States USN LCM(8) craft Landing craft 121t 1987 In service (2019)[10] Builder SeaArk, Monticello, USA.
Lcm-8 1972.jpg  United States USN LCM(8) craft Landing craft 121t 1950s In service (2019)[11] Commissioned 1996,1996,2010
Auxiliary Ships
BL01 General Manuel José Arce[1]  United States Cactus/Balsam-class Support vessel 1038t 1942 unknown Ex-USCGC Madrona. Built as a seagoing buoy tender for the U.S. Coast Guard in 1942. Decommissioned and sold to El Salvador in 2002.[12]

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