Salzburger Nockerl

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Salzburger Nockerl is a sweet dessert from Salzburg, Austria.

The dessert is made of egg yolk, flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, and milk mixed into a thin dough. It is always freshly prepared. It is served warm with powdered sugar on it. The powdered sugar is said to represent the snow-covered peaks of the Gaisberg, Moenchsberg and Nonnberg.

In the operetta "Saison in Salzburg" (Season in Salzburg) by Fred Raymond, the dessert is praised in a song as "“Suess wie die Liebe und zart wie ein Kuss” (meaning Sweet as love and tender as a kiss in German). A legend says that they were invented by Salome Alt, the concubine of Salzburg′s Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau in the early 17th century.

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