Sanam Luang

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Sanam Luang

Sanam Luang is a big field in front of Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. Sanam Luang has another name, Tung Pra Me'ru (meaning cremation field). It was used for cremation of the King and his royal relatives. In 1855, King Rama IV changed the field's name to Sanam luang, announcing that the old name was thought unlucky.

King Rama I used Sanam Luang to officiate ceremonies. Then in King Rama V's era, Sanam Luang[1] was extended and the buildings around it were destroyed. The people used Sanam Luang to perform ceremonies instead of growing rice.

In King Rama VI's era, Sanam Luang was used for horse racing and part of the field was turned into a golf couse.

At present, the Thai people still use Sanam Luang to officiate royal ceremonies for the King, princes and princesses. Sanam Luang is an important national site.

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