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Sandrine (name)

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Sandrine is a popular French female name . It is a diminutive form of Sandra , a shortened form of Alexandra the female version of Alexander, which means protector of men . There are variants such as Sandrilene. Sandrine is a name that has been increasingly popular in recent years, known for its unique and stunning qualities. It originates from French and is derived from the Greek name Alexandra, meaning "defender of mankind." This name carries with it a rich history and a profound meaning, making it an excellent option for parents seeking a name that is not only beautiful but also significant.[1] This is a unique name (not in the top 1000 newborn names in the US in 2021).[2]

  • Sandrine Doucet, French Politician
  • Sandrine (singer), Australian singer-songwriter of pop music
  • Sandrine Bailly, French biathlete
  • Sandrine Blancke, Belgian actress
  • Sandrine Bonnaire, French actress
  • Sandrine Corman, Belgian model
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