Sanjo Station (Kyoto)

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Sanjo Station
Keihan Sanjo station north building.jpg
Station building (railway facilities are underground)
Prefecture Kyoto
(See other stations in Kyoto)
City Kyoto
Ward Higashiyama
Neighborhood etc. Gokencho
Coordinates 35°0′33″N 135°46′20″E / 35.00917°N 135.77222°E / 35.00917; 135.77222Coordinates: 35°0′33″N 135°46′20″E / 35.00917°N 135.77222°E / 35.00917; 135.77222
(in Japanese) 京都市東山区五軒町
Year opened 1915
Rail services
Operator(s) Keihan Electric Railway
Line(s) Keihan Main Line
Oto Line

Sanjō Station (三条駅, Sanjō-eki) is the main Keihan Electric Railway station in Kyoto. It connects with Sanjo Keihan Station on the Kyoto Subway Tozai Line. It was opened for service on October 27, 1915, and has been in service ever since. Sanjo Station is in the Higashiyama Ward, in Kyoto City. The station offers quick access to the Gion district and the main shopping district on Sanjo-dori.

Lines[change | change source]

Platforms[change | change source]

Limited Express trains and K-Limited Express trains arrive at and depart from Tracks (Platforms) 1 and 3.[1]

  1. for Demachiyanagi
  2. for Demachiyanagi
  3. for Chūshojima, Uji, Hirakata-shi, and Yodoyabashi
  4. for Chūshojima, Uji, Hirakata-shi, and Yodoyabashi

Neighboring stations[change | change source]

Keihan Electric Railway
Oto Line
K-Limited Express and Limited Express
Demachiyanagi Station - Sanjo Station
Express, Sub Express, and Local
Marutamachi Station - Sanjo Station
Keihan Main Line
K-Limited Express, Limited Express, Express, Sub Express, and Local
Sanjo Station - Shijo Station

Sanjō Keihan Station[change | change source]

Sanjō Keihan Station (Japanese: 三条京阪駅, Sanjō Keihan Eki) is a subway station on Kyoto's Tozai Line. It intersects with the Keihan Electric Railway's Keihan Main Line. It is connected to the adjacent Keihan Sanjō Station. The station is underneath Sanjō-dori, just east of the Kamo River and Kyoto's Kawaramachi shopping district.

References[change | change source]

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