Sara Tavares

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Sara Tavares

Sara Tavares (born 1978) is a Portuguese-Cape Verdian singer. After winning the two music festivals in Portugal, in 1994, Sara Tavares recorded her first album Sara Tavares & Shout. It was released in 1996. This album has gospel, soul, funk and pop influences. After the album was released, Sara performed all over the Portugal, Cape Verde and Paris. She also performed on television programs and at social events. By the end of 1998, Sara Tavares started working on her new album. She stopped performing and went through a long period of introspection trying to find her real influences.

Mi Ma Bo was Sara Tavares' second album. The name translated from the Criolo (language from Cape Verde) means "Me and You". Mi Ma Bo was produced by Lokua Kanza, a musician from Kongo. The album is sung in three different languages (Portuguese, Criolo and English). In Portugal, Mi Ma Bo is a gold record. In France, Monaco and Andorra, "Querer Sonhar" - one of Sara Tavares' compositions from Mi Ma Bo, is included in an African music compilation, together with artists like Miriam Makeba, Lokua Kanza, Césaria Evora, Youssou N'Dour, Mory Kante. It was released by BMG France.

Her new album Balancé was due in February 2006. In this record produced by Sara herself, she wrote and composed all the songs and played many of the instruments.