Sara al-Drees

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Sara al-Drees

Sara al-Drees (Arabic: سارة الدريس) or Sara Abd al-Wehab al-Drees (Arabic: سارة عبد الوهاب الدريس) is a Kuwaiti teacher. She is Kuwait's first political detainee.[1]

Work[change | change source]

Sara al-Drees got a BA in Sociology and Administration from Kuwait University. She is a writer for Al-Ra'i newspaper in Kuwait. She is in the Kuwaiti Journalists' Association. She was the leader of the literary cultural club of Kuwait University from 2010 to 2011. She wrote three books.[2] In 2011 she was chosen for a special "nadwa", or workshop for young writers.[3]

Political life[change | change source]

The Kuwaiti government arrested her because she made political comments on Twitter.[4] Al-Drees also worked with the Civil Democratic Movement, a group of political parties against the Muslim Brotherhood. [1][5]

In 2013, al-Drees got a prison sentence of 20 months for her political comments on Twitter. In November 2015 she got another arrest warrant for criticizing one of the wives of the Prophet Mohammed on Twitter. She was in London, but she said she would go back to Kuwait.[6]

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