Sargon II

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Sargon II
Sargon II and dignitary
Reign722 – 705 BC
PredecessorShalmaneser V

Sargon II (Akkadian: Šarru-kên, "legitimate king", reigned 722 – 705 BC) was an Assyrian king. Sargon II became co-regent with Shalmaneser V in 722 BC. Shalmaneser V died in 722 BC. From then on, Sargon II was the only ruler of Assyria. It is not clear if he was the son of Tiglath-Pileser III or a usurper unrelated to the royal family. In his inscriptions, he styles himself as a new man and rarely talks about his predecessors. He nevertheless took the name Sharru-kinu ("true king"), after Sargon of Akkad — who had founded the first Semitic Empire in the region about 16 centuries earlier.[1] Sargon is the Biblical form of the name.

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  1. Another "Sargon", a predecessor of Shamshi-Adad of the 18th century BC.