Sean Edwards

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Edwards during the 2013 Porsche Carrera Cup Germany.

Sean Lawrence Guy Edwards (6 December 1986 – 15 October 2013) was an English racing driver. He was best known for winning the 24 Hours Nürburgring in May 2013 as a co-driver.

Edwards was born in London on 6 December 1986 and was of Irish and Welsh origin. His father was racing driver Guy Edwards. He studied at both Wellington College and Cherwell College in Oxford. At the time of his death, he lived in Monte Carlo, Monaco with his girlfriend, Laura.[1]

Sean Edwards was killed in a crash during a private session on 15 October 2013, aged 26, at the Queensland Raceway in Willowbank, Queensland, Australia. He was outlived by his girlfriend and his family.[2] The Sean Edwards Foundation, a foundation that aims to grow circuit safety, was set up after his death.[3]

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