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Known forHistory of Heraclius

Sebeos (Armenian: Սեբեոս) was an Armenian historian and chronicler. He is well-known for the History of Heraclius, which contains information about Roman–Persian Wars, the Muslim conquests as well as ancient Armenian legends such as Hayk.

Life and legacy[change | change source]

Little is known about the author's life. In 645, Sebeos attended Dvin's fourth council, and was among their signatories.[1] His name is found on the eighth number in the list of eighteen bishops.[1] Sebeos' work on Armenian history is honored in the country. He was the primary source of the fall of the Byzantine and Sasanian Empire and the Muslim conquests.[2] The first Armenian writer to mention Sebeos is the 8th century priest Lewond.[2] Author James Howard Johnston describes Sebeos as a 'non-biased' historian an

d places him along with other popular Armenian historians.[3] His writings are valuable as one of the few intact surviving sources that chronicle sixth century Armenia and its surrounding territories.[4] Sebeos' history was published for the first time in 1851 in Istanbul.[5]

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