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The Second-in-Command (2i/c or 2IC) is the second commander, the person that is in charge after the commander, of any British Army or British Royal Marines unit/group. He or she is the same as an Executive Officer in the United States Army. This term or word is also used in many other Commonwealth militaries.

The Second-in-Command of a group is usually a Major. The Second-in-Command of a smaller group is usually a Captain (although infantry groups' Second-in-Command's were usually Lieutenants until after the Second World War), the Second-in-Command of an even smaller group is the Sergeant of the group, and the Second-in-Command of a section is usually a Lance Corporal.

In the Royal Navy the second-in-command of a vessel or ship is known as the First Lieutenant or Executive Officer.

Other meanings/uses[change | change source]

"Second-in-command" is a term/word used, usually as a joke, for any deputy or person that is right below the commander. Its basic meaning is "someone that relieves a commander".