Second Punic War

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The Second Punic War was a war led by Hannibal for Carthage and Scipio Africanus for Rome. They fought in 218 BC-202 BC. Hannibal scared the Romans by invading them over the mountains from Hispania with war elephants, and kept winning battles by being a good general. The Romans avoided fighting Hannibal, and concentrated on defeating his allies. This became known as the Fabian strategy. Each side had many allies, but most of Rome's allies were loyal whilst Carthage's allies switched sides.

Hannibal, even though he was doing well, eventually had to leave and go back to defend Carthage. In North Africa Scipio won the Battle of Zama, which was fought near the city of Carthage.

The Second Punic War finished the power of Carthage. Rome became the dominant power in the Mediterranean Basin for the next 600 years.