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The section sign (§) (also known as a section mark, section symbol, double s or paragraph mark in parts of Europe) is a character used in legal code, and is a punctuation mark. This character is used to refer to a section in legal code. For example, in the APA style: "Title 16 of the United States Code Section 580p" becomes "16 US Code § 580p", which shows the section sign in place of "United States Code Section".

Keyboard entry[change | change source]

Many platforms and languages have support for the section sign:

  • macOS: ⌥ Option+6
  • Windows: Alt+0167 or Alt+21
  • iOS: & (long press)
  • Android: (long press)
  • Linux: Compose<s!
  • Unicode: U+00A7 § SECTION SIGN
  • TeX: \S
  • HTML: &sect;, &#167;
  • URL Encoding: %A7 (Latin1) or %C2%A7 (UTF8)

Some keyboards include dedicated ways to access §:

References[change | change source]

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