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The City of Seinäjoki is the center of the Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland and one of the fastest growing urban city centers in Finland. Seinäjoki has a population of more than 60 000 inhabitants and in the Southern Ostrobothnia region there are about 200 000 inhabitants.

Seinäjoki is established 1868.

In 2005, the former municipality of Peräseinäjoki was merged into Seinäjoki. In 2009, the neighbouring municipalities of Nurmo and Ylistaro were merged with Seinäjoki.

Seinäjoki offers high-quality education from primary school to university level as well as good jobs and living conditions for all age groups. Seinäjoki region is Finland's sixth largest market area and offers very competitive and attractive trade services. A pleasant urban and garden-like environment, short distances, and a wide range of housing types is typical to the city's daily life.

Seinäjoki is known for the unique administrative and cultural center designed by architect Alvar Aalto. The city hosts various summer festivals such as Provinssirock, Tango Festival and Race and Rock Festival (Vauhtiajot), which attract tens of thousands of people to enjoy the city year after year.

Seinäjoki is good living 24 hours a day.

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