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Selena video discography
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Selena had released 22 music videos and 12 video/live albums during her career. Her first music video was "Buenos Amigos", which is a duet with Salvadoran singer Alvaro Torres. It was released in the summer of 1991 and featured an orchestra performing behind Selena and Torres. Selena's first music video as a solo artist, "La Carcacha", was released four months after "Buenos Amigos". In the video, Selena dances in front of a chroma key (which shows a busy highway) and videos of people walking down the streets. "La Llamada" was released in the spring of 1993, it featured Selena and a couple of people dancing the cumbia dance in a beach house in Malibu, California. "Donde Quiera Que Estes" was filmed in New York City and was released in December 1993. The video featured Selena and the Barrio Boyzz' dancing in the styles of hip hop.

"Amor Prohibido" was released on Valentine's Day in 1994 and was filmed in Joshua Tree national park in Joshua Tree, California. "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" was filmed at the Santa Monica pier, while "No Me Queda Mas" was filmed at the San Antonio, Texas' Amtrak station, which became Selena's final music video to be released while she was alive. "No Debes Jugar" was released in July 1995 by Telemundo and featured live performances of Selena singing the song in their television show Padrisimo. "Fotos y Recuerdos", which was also released by Telemundo in July, featured home videos of Selena. In August 1995, "I Could Fall in Love" was released, it featured videos and pictures of Selena. The music video for "Dreaming of You" featured an actress playing the role as a lonely and depressed girl packing her clothes to runaway with her boyfriend. Before the girl leaves, the video shows her mother (who is tired of cleaning) heading to the back of the house and looking at the sky at night, while her husband is sleeping. The video's message is telling viewers that they should be with their loved ones because life is too short.

"Techno Cumbia" featured unreleased scenes of the "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" music video and a group of dancers who danced along with the music. "Tú Sólo Tú", being released in September 1995, featured videos and pictures of Selena. Mariachi Sol de México were featured in the video, they also were the backup singers in the song. "I'm Getting Used To You", which became the final music video to be released from Dreaming of You, featured "Selena wannabe's" auditioning for the role of "Selena", while the other scene featured two young adults who are in love. "Siempre Hace Frio" was released to promote the remix album Siempre Selena. Jennifer Lopez is featured in the video as "Selena", though her entire body was covered with charoma key. "No Quiero Saber" (remix version) was released in December 1996 and featured Selena performing the song in her concerts.

"Viviras Selena", which is a tribute song, was released in March 1997. The video was filmed in Q-Productions recording studio where Tejano singers such as: Pete Astudillo, Bobby Pulido, Emilio Navaria, Jennifer Peña, Graciela Beltran and the Barrio Boyzz' recording the song live. "A Boy Like That" was released in the summer of 1997 and was directed by Kenny Ortega. The video featured backup dancers wearing shirts that are covered in radioluminescence (glow-in-the-dark) paint. "Missing My Baby" was a promotional video that was filmed and created by VH1 producers. The video was promoting the box-set Anthology (1998) and was released in the fall of 1998. "Disco Medley" music video featured Selena's performance of the song at the Houston Astrodome on February 26, 1995. In 2001, Los Tres Reyes released their duet-version of "No Me Queda Mas", Selena was only featured in two scenes of the music video. David Bryne released a live music video featuring Selena in the song "God's Child (Baila Conmigo)", which was filmed in 2003. During Selena's tenth death anniversary her brother's band Kumbia Kings released a remix video of "Baila Esta Cumbia" in March 2005.

Music videos[change | change source]

Before death[change | change source]

Year Song Album Director
1991 "Buenos Amigos" (duet with Álvaro Torres) Nada Se Compara Contigo Álvaro Torres
1992 "La Carcacha" Entre A Mi Mundo Cecilia Miniucchi
1993 "La Llamada" Live! Cecilia Miniucchi
1994 "Donde Quiera Que Estés" Donde Quiera Que Estes Laurice Bell
1994 "Amor Prohibido" Amor Prohibido Cecilia Miniucchi
1994 "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" Amor Prohibido Cecilia Miniucchi
1994 "No Me Queda Mas" Amor Prohibido Sean Davered

After death[change | change source]

Year Song Album Director
1995 "No Debes Jugar" Live!
1995 "Fotos y Recuerdos" Live!
1995 "I Could Fall in Love" Dreaming of You
1995 "Dreaming of You" Dreaming of You
1995 "Tú Sólo Tú" Dreaming of You
1995 "Techno Cumbia" Dreaming of You
1995 "I'm Getting Used To You" Dreaming of You
1996 "Siempre Hace Frio" Siempre Selena
1996 "No Quiero Saber" Siempre Selena
1997 "A Boy Like That" Songs of the West Side Story Kenny Ortega
1997 "Viviras Selena" Selena soundtrack Abraham Quintanilla Jr
1997 "Disco Medley" Selena soundtrack
1998 "Missing My Baby" (Anthology Remix) Anthology
2003 "God's Child (Baila Conmigo)" David Byrne Live at Union Chapel
2005 "Baila Esta Cumbia" Duetos Abraham Quintanilla Jr

Video/Live albums[change | change source]

Year Title Sales and certifications
1993 Live!
  • United States: Gold (standard) (500,000 copies)[1]
2000 All My Hits: The Videos[2]
2001 Selena Live! The Last Concert
  • United States: Platinum (Latin type) (100,000 copies)[3]
2002 Ones
  • United States: Gold (standard) (500,000 copies)[1]
  • Mexico: 5x Platinum (500,000 copies)[1]
2003 Greatest Hits
  • Mexico: 2x Gold (200,000 copies)[4]
2005 Unforgettable: The Live Album
  • United States: 2x Platinum (Latin type) (200,000 copies)[1]
  • Mexico: 3x Platinum (300,000 copies)[4]
2005 Selena ¡VIVE!
  • United States: 2x Platinum (Latin type) (200,000 copies)[1]
  • Mexico: 5x Platinum (500,000 copies)[4]
2005 Selena Remembered
  • United States: Platinum (Latin type) (100,000 copies)[4]
2006 Dos Historias
  • United States: Gold (Latin type) (50,000 copies)[1]
2007 Through The Years
  • United States: Gold (standard) (500,000 copies)[1]
2009 A Night To Remember[5]
2010 Performances[5]
2010 Performances Live[5]

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