Sello mall shooting

Coordinates: 60°13′05″N 024°48′39″E / 60.21806°N 24.81083°E / 60.21806; 24.81083
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Sello mall shooting
Emergency vehicles outside Sello after the shooting
LocationLeppävaara, Espoo, Finland
Coordinates60°13′05″N 024°48′39″E / 60.21806°N 24.81083°E / 60.21806; 24.81083
Date31 December 2009
ca. 10:08 (UTC+2)
Attack type
Weapons9mm CZ 75 pistol, hunting knife
Deaths6 (including the perpetrator)[1]
Suspected perpetrator
Ibrahim Shkupolli[1]

Espoo shopping mall shooting was a mass shooting in the Sello shopping mall, in Espoo, near Helsinki, Finland on 31 December 2009.

The shooter killed five people, including his ex-wife, and then killed himself.

Events[change | change source]

It is believed one of the main motives or reasons behind the shooting was the affair Shkupoll's ex-wife was having with another man who worked in the mall.[2] The shooter killed his girlfriend in their apartment, and police were already looking for him when he began shooting in the mall. Police say he used an illegally purchaed 9mm handgun to commit the murders.[3]

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