Selwyn College, Cambridge

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The Old Court of Selwyn College

Selwyn College is one of the colleges of the University of Cambridge, England. It was created in 1882. It is named after George Selwyn, who was an important bishop and also rowed for Cambridge in the first Boat Race. Today it has about 600 students. Selwyn usually does well in exams, but is also one of the poorest colleges.[1]

At the beginning, the college was for Christian male students only. With time, this changed and women were allowed in 1976, which was quite early compared to other colleges. The college is on Grange Road. It is built in red brick and a Gothic Revival architecture style. The college has a Snowball every year. This is like a May Ball, which is a traditional party in Cambridge. Unlike May Balls though, it is in the winter, usually in December.

Some important people have studied here, like Hugh Laurie and Tom Hollander, both actors.

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