Senate of Romania

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The Senate

6th Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Anca Dragu
since 21 December 2020
  • - The Committee for legal affairs, appointments, discipline, immunities and validations;
    - Committee on Budget, finance, banking and capital market;
    - The commission for economy, industry and services;
    Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development;
    - The Committee on Foreign Affairs;
    Committee on public administration, the territory and environmental protection;
    - The Commission for defense, public order and national security;
    - Commission for work, family and social protection;
    Committee for Education, Science, Youth and Sports;
    - Committee on Public Health;
    Committee for culture, art and media information in the table;
    - Commission on Human Rights, religious and minority;
    The Committee on Equal Opportunities;
    - Commission for privatization and management of state assets;
    - Committee on research abuses, corruption and petitions;
1992 - 2008: Closed list, D'Hondt method
since 2008: nominal vote, Mixed member proportional representation
Last election
6 December 2020
Meeting place
Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest

The Senate of Romania is one of the two parts of the parliament. It has 137 seats as of November, 2004.[source?] After the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the Senate met in the "Palatul Senatului". That building is found in the Revolution Square.

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