Sentiero di Leonardo

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A section of the Sentiero di Leonardo along Lake Como

The Sentiero di Leonardo (in English "The Trail of Leonardo") is a trail in Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland. It is named for Leonardo Da Vinci. The trail was opened in February 2019, the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's death. It goes through places that were important in the life and art of Leonardo. The Sentiero di Leonardo is not a new trail. It is made up of existing footpaths and trails such as the Sentiero del Viandante. One half of the Sentiero di Leonardo goes between Pavia in Italy and San Bernardino in Switzerland along the eastern side of Lake Como. The other half goes between Pavia and San Bernardino along the western side of Lake Como. The trail is 540 kilometers long in total. It takes 26 days to walk both halves.[1][2]

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