Sergey Lazarev

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Sergey Vyacheslavovich Lazarev (Russian: Серге́й Вячесла́вович Ла́зарев, IPA: [sʲɪrˈɡʲej vʲɪt͡ɕɪsˈlavəvʲɪt͡ɕ ˈlazərʲɪf], born 1 April 1983) is a Russian singer, dancer and actor. He is most famous for his singing career, when he rose to fame as a member of the group Smash!!. The group broke up in 2006. [1]Since then Lazarev has pursued a solo career. He represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden, and finished in third place, coming first in the televote. He will represent Russia again at Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel with the song "Scream" .[2][3]

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