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Sergey Wolfgangowitsch Zagraevsky (Russian: Сергей Вольфгангович Заграевский, Hebrew: סרגיי זגרייבסקי‎; 20 August 1964 – 6 July 2020) was a Russian-Israeli painter,[1] architectural historian, writer and theologian.[2] He was born in Moscow. Zagraevsky was also a full member of Russian art critics Academy from 2001 until his death,[3] the AICA from 2004 until his death,[4] and the Writers union of Russia (since 2001),[5] a Honored culture worker of Russia (since 2009),[6] a member of Russian Academy of Arts from 2013 until his death.[7]

Zagraevsky died on 6 July 2020 at a Moscow hospital from acute heart failure, aged 55.[8]

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