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Sergio Marchionne

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Marchionne in June 2008

Sergio Marchionne (Italian: [ˈsɛrdʒo marˈkjɔnne]; June 17, 1952 – July 25, 2018) was an Italian-Canadian businessman. He was born in Chieti, Italy and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

Marchionne was the chairman of CNH Industrial, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the chairman and CEO of FCA US LLC, the chairman and CEO of Ferrari, and the chairman of Maserati. He was the chairman of Swiss-based SGS and vice chairman of UBS from 2008 to 2010, as well as the chairman of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association for 2012 (first elected in January 2006).[1][2] He was a member of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and the chairman of the Italian branch of the Council for the United States and Italy.

In June 2018, Marchionne underwent shoulder surgery after suffering from pain in that area.[3] Following complications from surgery he died on July 25, 2018 in Zurich at the age of 66.[4]


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