Shaimaa Sabbagh

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Shaimaa Sabbagh, Arabic: شيماء الصباغ , (1984 – January 24, 2015) was an Egyptian poet and activist. She died at Tahrir Square during a demonstration to remember the anniversary of the Arab Spring. [1]

Sabbagh was a leading member of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party. She became a symbol against Egypt's military.[2]

A photograph of Sabbagh's death got international attention.[3] The Egyptian photographer was Islam Osama. He worked for the Egyptian newspaper Youm El Sabea.[2] His photo received the Shawkan Photo Award in 2015.[4] The man in the picture who tried to help Sabbagh was Sayyid Abu el-Ela. He was a friend who was also at the demonstration.[5]

A police officer was convicted of killing her.[3] In 2015, the conviction was reversed.[6][7]

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