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Shake It Up (The Cars album)

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Shake It Up is the fourth studio album by American rock band The Cars, released in 1981. It was the last The Cars album to be produced by Roy Thomas Baker. A much more pop-oriented album than its predecessor, its title track became their first Billboard top ten hit.

Song appearances

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"Shake It Up" and "Since You're Gone" appear on The Last American Virgin soundtrack album.

"I'm Not the One" was remixed upon its inclusion on their 1985 Greatest Hits album, with special attention paid to the electronic percussion and echo effects. This song is also featured in the Adam Sandler movie Billy Madison.

Track listing

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All songs written and composed by Ric Ocasek, except where noted. 

Side one
No. TitleVocals Length
1. "Since You're Gone"  Ocasek 3:30
2. "Shake It Up"  Ocasek 3:32
3. "I'm Not the One"  Ocasek 4:12
4. "Victim of Love"  Ocasek 4:24
5. "Cruiser"  Benjamin Orr 4:54
Side two
No. TitleVocals Length
6. "A Dream Away"  Ocasek 5:44
7. "This Could Be Love" (Greg Hawkes, Ocasek)Orr 4:26
8. "Think It Over"  Orr 4:56
9. "Maybe Baby"  Ocasek 5:04