She's Hearing Voices

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"She's Hearing Voices"
Single by Bloc Party
from the album Banquet and Silent Alarm
Released February 16, 2004
Format 7" vinyl
Genre Post-Punk
Label Trash Aesthetics
Bloc Party singles chronology
"She Hearing Voices"
"Banquet/Staying Fat"

She's Hearing Voices is a song by Bloc Party. It was first released on their 2004 single Banquet. It was later released on 7" records by London-based indie label "Trash Aesthetics" in February 2004. "She's Hearing Voices" was later re-recorded for the Bloc Party's debut album Silent Alarm in 2005, while "The Marshals Are Dead" was re-recorded and released on the 7" and DVD single versions of "So Here We Are".

Track Listing[change | change source]

7" Single[change | change source]

  1. "She's Hearing Voices"
  2. "The Marshals Are Dead"
  3. "The Answer"