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Julius E. Kelp also known as Sherman Klump from remake film is a fictional character in the comedy film The Nutty Professor. He was played by Jerry Lewis and Eddie Murphy.

Julius E. Kelp
Created byJerry Lewis
Full nameJulius E. Kelp
Nickname(s)Mr. Kelp
AliasesBuddy Love
FamilyElmer Kelp (father) Edwina Kelp (Mom)
RelativesHarold Kelp (grandson)

Sherman Klump
Created byEddie Murphy
Full nameSherman Klump
Nickname(s)Professor Klump
AliasesBuddy Love
FamilyCletus Klump (Father), Anna Klump (Mom), Ernest "Ernie" Klump Sr. (Brother)
Spouse(s)Denise Gaines Klump
RelativesErnest "Ernie" Klump Jr. (Nephew) Ida Mae Jenson (grandmother)