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Shiitake mushroom

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Chinese black mushroom
Fresh Shiitake mushrooms

The shiitake mushroom, or simply called "shiitake"(椎茸) (Lentinus edodes or Lentinula edodes) is also known as Chinese black mushroom or black forest mushroom.[source?] It is also called "black mushroom".[1] It is an edible mushroom, which is typically grown on the tree, such as shii, kunugi and oak.[2]

There are two variant names. For high grades of shiitake is dōnggū (冬茹: どんこ) ("winter mushroom"). And another is huāgū ("flower mushroom," (香信: こうしん) which has a flower-like cracking pattern on the mushroom's upper surface).[1] Both are produced at colder temperatures.[source?] There are many cultivated varieties, which grow-up in a temperature at 7C - 26C, most cultivars like cooler tempertatures.[3]

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Dried Shiitake mushrooms