Shina people

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Shina people
Shina people in Kargil
Total population
c. 1,178,400 including Kohistani Shin[1][2]
Regions with significant populations
 Pakistan1,146,000 (2018)[1][2]
 India32,247 (2011)[3]
Urdu, serving as the lingua franca and widely understood as a second language[4][5]
Related ethnic groups
Other Indo-Aryan peoples

The Shina (Shin and Gilgiti also used) are a Dardic group who live in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. They live in the Gilgit region, while Baltis and the Burusho live in the Baltistan region. They speak Shina which is a Dardic language.[6] The Shina migrated from Central Asia to South Asia during the second millennium BC. Some live in India, but they are still Muslims like the ones in Pakistan.

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