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Shobushi Kanji (勝武士 幹士, real name Kiyotaka Suetake (末武 清孝, Suetake Kiyotaka) and born Kiyotaka Ōmori (大森 清孝, Ōmori Kiyotaka); November 4, 1991 – May 13, 2020)[1] was a Japanese sumo wrestler. He was born in Kōfu, Yamanashi. He was the first sumo wrestler to die from the coronavirus. He is also thought to be the first person in their 20s to die from the virus in Japan.[2]

Shobushi was the first wrestler confirmed to have been infected with the virus.[3][2]

Shobushi died on May 13, 2020 from the virus in Tokyo, aged 28.[4]

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