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Shotgun Sports is a competitive shooting sport involving shotguns. Shotgun Sports include several different events, each with different rules. The general goal of a shotgun event is to break a clay target, but the targets are thrown in different manners depending on the game.

Sporting Clays[change | change source]

In sporting clays, a shooter will walk through a course generally consisting of ten stations. Each station will have two targets that are thrown as a true pair or as a report pair(one thrown on pull command and one thrown on gun fire). Sporting clay courses are generally scored out of a 100.

Trap[change | change source]

Trap is another clay target event. A game of trap is scored out of 25, and a full trap event generally consists of 4 trap games, or 100 targets. In this event, a team of 5 shooters lines up behind a trap house. Inside the trap house is a pivoting arm that throws a clay out at a random direction when 'pull' is called. To vary the difficulty of this game, shooters can stand farther back from the house.

Skeet[change | change source]


In the skeet shooting event, a shooter moves around a field in a semi circle. Skeet, like Trap, is also a 25 target game, with skeet events generally consisting of four games. There are 8 stations on the field. On one end of a field is a high house, and on the other end of the field, there is a low house. On station 1, 2, 6, and 7 a high single, low single, and double are shot. On stations 3, 4, and 5 a high single and low single are shot. Station 8 is in between the high and low house. At this station, the shooter faces the high house, shoots a high single, then turns and faces the low house to shoot a low single. This totals 24 targets. The last target, to make 25, comes from what is referred to as the option. The option is a target that is shot after the first target that is missed. If the shooter misses the high bird on station 1, the high bird is shot again. If the shooter makes it all the way around the field without missing a bird, a second low single is shot on station 8, totaling a perfect 25.

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