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Shuri Castle

Shurijo or Shuri Castle was the palace where the Ryukyu kings lived before Okinawa became part of Japan. Since it was built when Okinawa was independent, the castle structure is very different from other castles in Japan. Shuri Castle is located in Shuri. Shuri was once the Ryukyu capital, but it is now part of the present-day city of Naha.

Throughout its history, it had been destroyed and rebuilt four times, including during the Battle of Okinawa. This is why the courtyard is a little asymmetrical, or lop-sided. It was a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On the morning of 31 October 2019, a large fire broke out at the main hall of the castle.[1][2] Seiden, Hokuden, Nanden and Bandokoro were completely destroyed.[3] According to news sources, "Six castle buildings occupying some 4,200 square meters in total were [destroyed]."[4][5] The fire was put out around 1:30 p.m.[6]

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