Sid Eudy

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Sid Eudy
Sycho Sid in 1995.jpg
BornDecember 16, 1960
West Memphis, Arkansas, U.S.
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s)Sid Vicious/Sycho Sid/Sid Justice
Billed height6 ft 9 in (206 cm)
Billed weight321 lb (146 kg)
RetiredAugust 5, 2017

Sid Eudy, born December 16, 1960 in West Memphis, Arkansas, is an American retired professional wrestler, known by the stage name Sid Vicious, Sycho Sid, or Sid Justice.[1]

Professional career[change | change source]

Sid started his career in 1989, hired by World Championship Wrestling. During these years, Sid competed as one of the members of the team known as "The Skyscrapers" with "Mean" Mark Callous and then later with Dan Spivey; he used the powerbomb as his maneuver fight. After recovering from an injury, Sid returned to the ring in May 1990 as a member of the team of Ric Flair. After leaving WCW Sid was incorporated into the World Wrestling Federation, he made his presentation as Sid Justice on July 20, 1991 episode of WWF Superstars of Wrestling and was also was chosen as the referee for the main fight at SummerSlam that year in a tag team match between The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan versus Sgt. Slaughter and Col. Mustafa billed as "The Match Made In Hell." At the 1992 Royal Rumble he was one of the last two in the ring with Ric Flair when Hogan, who was already eliminated pulled Sid over the top rope with Flair assisting from behind helping Flair win his 1st WWF/E title. His crowning moment came at WrestleMania VIII, where Sid was faced with Hulk Hogan, Sid lost the fight by disqualification when Papa Shango interrupted to help Sid. Sid return to WCW in May 1993. That year he teamed with Big Van Vader. After leaving WCW again, Eudy joined the United States Wrestling Association July 16, 1994, and faced with defeating Jerry Lawler and Sid getting the World Heavyweight Championship.

WWF Championship[change | change source]

In 1995 Sid returns to the WWF/E on Monday Night Raw. Time after time he confronted Shawn Michaels for the title and at Survivor Series in 1996, where Sid applies a powerbomb to Michaels and gets the WWF/E Championship. At the 1997 Royal Rumble in Michaels' hometown of San Antonio, Texas the two fought again for the title with Michaels winning his 2nd title. One month later Sid captured his 2nd title by defeating Bret Hart on Raw,who had defeated Vader, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker in a Fatal Four Way match the night before. At Wrestlemania 13 in Chicago, Sid lost the title to the Undertaker. Sid's last match in the WWF/E was June 9, 1997.

After WWF[change | change source]

After his separation from the World Wrestling Federation, Sid was hired by Extreme Championship Wrestling (1999). Soon after, he found himself back with his former company, WCW. There he joined his former colleagues of the WWF Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Bret Hart, and new WCW superstars Bill Goldberg and Chris Benoit. His best moment was when he won the WCW championship by defeating Kevin Nash twice.

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