Simon Fraser University

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The Burnaby campus of Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is a Canadian university. It has campuses in Burnaby Mountain in Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey, all in British Columbia. SFU is rated as one of Canada’s top universities. It was started in 1965. SFU currently has 24,000 students. The university is named after Simon Fraser. He was an explorer of the Vancouver area.

Overview[change | change source]

Maclean's magazine rated SFU as Canada's best comprehensive university in 1993, 1997, 1998 and 2000. It is usually always at or near the top of the magazine's list. Research Infosource named SFU the top comprehensive university in Canada for “publication effectiveness” in 2006.

Type of university[change | change source]

Like most Canadian universities, SFU is a public university. Fifty-six percent of the money used to run the school comes from taxpayers. Thirty-nine percent comes from tuition fees.

Studies[change | change source]

The university teaches students in six main groups of topics. Applied Sciences, Arts and Social Sciences, Business Administration, Education, Health Sciences, and Science.

In May 2004, the SFU Senate approved the policy on degree requirements that all its undergraduate students must have. SFU was the first Canadian university to do this. The policy was created to make certain students got a more complete education.

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