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Sindhi language is though spoken by very less population of globe but Sindhi literature is as rich as of any language known to human society. Shah, Sachal and Sammi are considered as the legendary trio of Sindhi literature but here in this discussion we will concentrate more on the Sindhi writers from India. This is quite possible that Sindh, presently part of Pakistan may appear in our discussion as this has passed only 70 years since the partition of the country which forced Indian Sindhi community to leave the motherland of many generations of their forefathers. Many of the contributors to Sindhi literature - Sindhi writers were born in Sindh though they live and worked in India. This might be the Rashtriya Kavi Padam Shri Dada Hundraj Dukhayal or unparalleled Sindhi writer poet Padma Shri Prof Ram Panjwani.

When we are discussing about Sindhi writer this become essential to mention contribution of Sindhi women. Sindhi literature have revolutionary woman writer like Popati Hiranandani [Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1982] , Indira Vaswani, Maya Rahi and many more who have contributed to enrich the Sindhi literature on Indian soil though many of Sindhi women have contributed through poetry.

We will start list of Sindhi writers from India with Tirth Basant who wrote biography of famous Sindhi Saint Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib with Title "Kanwar" and was first awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy award way back in 1959.