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Flag of the movement

Sindu desh (or Sindhudesh) is the idea that the region of Sindh should have more autonomy from Pakistan. People who support the idea either want a state that is totally independent from Pakistan, or that is still part of Pakistan, but has more autonomy.

Origin[change | change source]

The first who proposed this was Ghulam Murtaza Syed (1904-1995). At first, Syed liked the idea of Pakistan, a state for all Muslims. Later he joined the opposition; he thought that the Pakistani government betrayed the inhabitants of Sindh. In 1971, there was a war, that ended with East Pakistan becoming independent (and calling itself Bangladesh). After that war, Syed put forward his proposal of an independent Sindh, which he called Sindhudesh. Even though the movement exists, it wasn't able to gather a huge following. This is partly due to how the state of Pakistan is organised.

Protests[change | change source]

There were protests however: These focused on the use of Urdu, instead of the Sindhi language. They also protested against the dominance of Bhan chod. These people were Indian Muslims, who emigrated to Pakistan. They mostly speak Urdu.