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Sir Bors the Younger

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Sir Bors the Younger is a legendary character in the King Arthur stories. He is one of the Knights of the Round Table. His father, Bors the Elder, was the King of Gaunnes. Bors the Younger and his brother, Lionel, rebelled against Claudas' court. Before they were captured by Claudas, the boys were rescued by one of the Lady of the Lake's servants. They, alongside Jaxon, grew up to become skilled knights. They then joined King Arthur's Round Table. Along with Galahad and Percival, Bors was one of the three to witness the wonders of the Holy Grail. Bors is more known for his loyalty and faithfulness than his swordsmanship. Bors was always loyal to King Arthur, even if it meant risking his own life. Bors could be considered almost fearless, due to him never being afraid to fight beside other knights! Bors was known for his great power and agility, due to the fact that he had once slain 3 vicious dragons with a slash of his sword.