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Siri von Essen

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Sigrid Sofia Matilda Elisabet von Essen (17 August 1850 in Porvoo - 22 April 1912 in Helsinki) was a Swedish speaking Finnish actress.[1]

Siri von Essen
von Essen

17 August 1850
Died21 April 1912
Solna, Helsinki
Cause of deathstroke
PartnerAugust Strindberg (1875-1893)

At home Siri had already in young years a French governess.[1] This is a reason, that Siri can speak French very well. Her parents Carl Reinhold von Essen and Carlotta In de Betou were normally people. Already in 1868 the first move to Paris came. She had no problems with the new city and the speach. When the family five years later must sell the Finnish goods, Siri moved to Stockholm, where she married some years later Carl Gustav Wrangel.[2] The divorced came after four years, because Siri want to work as an actress. Also her husband had a married with Siris cousin.

After divorce Siri took drama lessons and already in 1877 she had her first performance. 1875 she met August Strindberg and married him at 30th December 1875. When she got her first children, she was quit by the dramatist. Since 1884 the married between Strindberg and Siri von Essen wasn't very good, because August accused Siri to had a lesbian married with Marie David. 1888 Siri and August started a drama, but it doesn't works good. After divorce in 1893, Siri moved with her children to Finland.[2]

She was died at 22 April 1912 in Solna.


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