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A site is a real fixed physical location where something will or has happened or a place where something is.

Uses[change | change source]

Uses in buildings[change | change source]

It is used very often in building trades to mean the place where a building will go up.

Uses in gravesites[change | change source]

A gravesite is a place where a person will be buried after they die.

Uses in work[change | change source]

The words onsite and offsite refer to work that must take place on the site, or which can take place somewhere else. For instance, a prefabricated building can be "built offsite" and then "moved onsite".

Use on the internet[change | change source]

Site is also a common abbreviation in net jargon for "website". In this case no real physical location exists other than the place where the computers are, and one "goes to the site" simply by using a web browser to "go to" that URL. This is a conceptual metaphor. It can be confusing. Someone who uses it is also likely using other jargon.