Sixth cholera pandemic

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During the First World War, the threat and fear of cholera spreading among the troops were real. The war took place during the sixth cholera pandemic, forcing soldiers into close range in sordid conditions. Despite these factors, cholera is relatively rare in the military. Several cases have been reported, but the number is surprisingly low and the death toll is very low. This also affect a flu pandemic after the war was over. Like all previous pandemics, it originated in India and killed 800,000 people. Its spread continues to the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia.[1]

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  1. "Cholera's seven pandemics". Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. December 2, 2008. Retrieved 2019-01-03. At the turn of the century, the sixth pandemic killed more than 800,000 in India before moving into the Middle East, northern Africa, Russia and parts of Europe. By 1923, cholera had receded from most of the world, although many cases were still present in India.