Ski goggles

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Caroline Lalive has ski goggles on her helmet
Adam Hall is wearing ski glass
A recreational skier wearing ski goggles to protect his eyes from the sun.

Ski goggles are goggles that help protect a skiers' eyes from the sun.[1]

Lenses[change | change source]

Ski goggle lenses are made from soft plastic.[2] Ski goggles come with lenses in a range of tints, allowing skiers to choose according to their personal preference and the conditions they will be skiing in. Different tints enhance visibility and contrast in various lighting conditions, enabling skiers to select lenses that best suit their needs and improve their skiing experience. Ski goggles sometimes fog and it is not easy to see through the lens.[2] Some models have a coating to prevent fog rom building up on the lens.

Use[change | change source]

Ski goggles are frequently positioned atop the helmet when not actively in use, as seen in the photo. This practice allows for easy accessibility and storage while ensuring the goggles remain within reach for when they are needed again.

People who wear glasses can get ski goggles that can be worn over their glasses.[2]

Storage[change | change source]

Ski glasses are stored in soft bags to prevent the lenses from being scratched.[2]

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