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Skittles is a type of chewy fruit flavored candy. It is made by The MARS Company. Skittles have hard, colorful shells which have the letter S on them. They come in many different flavors. The sour flavors are covered in a sour powder, made from citric acid. Flavors of the regular skittles are green apple, orange, grape, strawberry and lemon.

Skittles were first made in 1974 by an English company. They were first introduced in North America in 1979 as an import candy. In 1982, Skittles started being made in the United States. Skittles sold in the European Union markets are made in the Czech Republic. Skittles made in Victoria, Australia are sold in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The main Skittles slogan is "Taste the rainbow".

Skittles has several varieties including Tropical, Wildberry, Sour, and Fizzl'd Fruits. Blenders is the latest skittles product, each candy containing a blend of 2 flavors. The blended flavors include the following: Mango Lemonade Freeze, Melon Berry Burst, Cherry Tropicolada, Watermelon Green Apple Freeze, and Strawberry Lime Blast.[1]

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