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'Sky 4' is a British Digital Television channel, owned by Sam Hutchinson. It was launched on 5 December 2018, and is available on Digital television by Satelite, Cable, Colette, and Terrestrial (Freeview) Platforms. For a number of Years, the channel reached 9.4 million as of 2019, making it the first tv channel in the UK to sell this unit. The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round is a Song which can be accessed from The Interactive Services On Sky 4, making it the First tv channel to include the Nursery Rhyme. The Song is different on Other Platforms, For example Person viewers can say Round and Round. But It Is Only Available on the Good Friend Sam Hutchinson when The Person is not talking, like Colette. The Marching Song is a Song which it can be accessed. It Is Accesible From The Sky 4 Channel And Features Marching Bands. This is the first tv Channel To Feature Marching Song. This is Different from other songs. Examples are the Good Friend Sam Hutchinson can access this Song when the person is selected a video to watch.