Sky Replay

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Sky Replay (formerly Sky2) is a British entertainment television channel that launched in 1997 and, later 2002. It comes from the original broadcast which broadcast on analogue platforms for a year from 1996. Sky2 Broadcast from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM nightly, timesharing with another new channel, Fox Kids (now Disney XD), before extending its hours to 10:00 PM. Another broadcasting was The Death of Princess, which was aired at 5:00 Am, before closing on 31 July 1997. The programmes included Road Wars, Party Wars, and the simulcast of Sky Sports. The current channel began broadcasting (as Sky One Mix) in December 2002. Sky2 became a 1-hour timeshift of Sky One on 10 May 2010, showing programmes one-hour later or the channel ceased as a standard channel. On 9 August 2010, Sky Two ceased a 1-hour timeshift of Sky One and replaced back to its standalone programming not shown on Sky One (some Sky One programmes are often broadcast on Sky2).