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Sleeping Beauty transposon system

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Sleeping Beauty (SB) transposon system is a non-viral vector for gene therapy.[1]

The SB system enables high-level stable gene transfer and sustained transgene expression in multiple primary human somatic cell types. It is a highly attractive gene transfer strategy for clinical use.[2] Sleeping Beauty transposon-based transfection is a two-component system consisting of a transposase and a transposon containing inverted repeat/direct repeat (IR/DR) sequences that result in precise integration into a TA dinucleotide. The transposon is designed with an expression cassette of interest flanked by IR/DRs, and SB transposase mediates stable integration and reliable long-term expression of the gene of interest. It has recently been demonstrated that SB efficiently mediates gene transfer and stable gene expression in human embryonic stem cells.[3]

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