Slender tree frog

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Slender tree frog
Litoria adelaidensis.JPG
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Pelodryadidae
Genus: Litoria
L. adelaidensis
Binomial name
Litoria adelaidensis
(Gray, 1841)
Litoria adelaidensis distrib.PNG
Distribution of the slender tree frog
  • Hyla adelaidensis Gray, 1841
  • Hyla bioculata Gray, 1841
  • Hyla binoculata Gray, 1841
  • Hyla Schuetteii Keferstein, 1868
  • Hyla bioclata Condit, 1964
  • Litoria adelaidensis Tyler, 1971
  • Coggerdonia adelaidensis Wells and Wellington, 1985

The slender tree frog (Litoria adelaidensis) is a tree frog from Australia. It lives in southwestern Australia.[1][3][4]

These frogs can grow to 4.5 cm long from nose to rear end. They are pale brown to bright green in colour. They have stripes down their sides.[3] Adult frogs live near the coast or inland and stay near bodies of water.[3]

They lay their eggs on underwater plants. The tadpoles are light in colour with stripes down their sides and can grow to 5.5 cm long. They have two rows of teeth on their top jaw and three rows of teeth on their lower jaw.[3]

Even though this frog's Latin name comes from the city Adelaide, the frogs do not live in Adelaide.[3]

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