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The Slovak Crown or Slovak Koruna (in Slovak, Slovenská koruna, "koruna" means crown) has been the currency used in Slovakia since February 8, 1993. It replaced the Czechoslovak Crown. Slovak koruna should not be mistaken with the Slovak koruna during the World War II (Slovak: Koruna slovenská, short Ks, notice word order)

The ISO 4217 code for the Slovak Koruna is SKK. The symbol is Sk. One Koruna is equal to 100 hellers (written shortly as "hal.", in Slovak singular: halier). The symbol is put after the amount.

Slovak koruna exists in these values: 50 h, 1 Sk, 2 Sk, 5 Sk, 10 Sk, 20 Sk, 50 Sk, 100 Sk, 200 Sk, 500 Sk, 1000 Sk and 5000 Sk. 10 h and 20 h are not used since 31 December 2003.

The central rate of Slovak koruna against Euro was 35.4424 SKK as of 19 March 2007. Slovakia will use Euro instead of koruna from 1 January 2009.

Slovakia is using Euro now, so the Slovak koruna is not the valid currency any more.

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