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Type of site
Reference pages
Created byBarbara Mikkelson
David P. Mikkelson
RegistrationRequired only on forums
Launched1994; 30 years ago (1994) (as Urban Legends Reference Pages)
Current statusActive

Snopes is a web site to check facts. It was popular to use this site to destroy myths and city legends in American modern culture.[1]

It was created in 1994, by David and Barbara Mikkelson. They started a web site that later become The site was very popular and a lot of users begun filling it with texts and pictures.

The mission of the web site was to declare true or false different city legends. is often used as a source for reporting on channels such as CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC. The popularity of is at such a level that many deliberately false rumors and legends claim that they have already been "verified" on the site. In March 2009, the website traffic reached 6.2 million people per month.[2]

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