Société Bic

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Société Bic
TypeSociété Anonyme
IndustryConsumer goods
When it was createdClichy, France (1945)
HeadquartersClichy, France
Key peopleBruno Bich (Chairman)
Mario Guevara (CEO)
Things madeLighters
Ballpoint pens
Shaving razors
paper products
watersports products
Money earned1.5627 billion (2009)[1]
A Bic Cristal pen

Société Bic, better known as just Bic, is a Consumer goods company. Bic is known for their lighters, ballpoint pens, magnets, shaving razors, paper products, and watersports products. The company was created by Baron Marcel Bich in 1945.

The first product that the company made was the Bic pen, known as the Bic Cristal.[2] In 1958, the company went public through a reverse merger with the Waterman Pen Company in the United States and they later sold off the older operation.[3]

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