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The Socialist Reich Party of Germany (German: Sozialistische Reichspartei Deutschlands) was a political party in West Germany. It was formed in 1949.

It was openly Neo-Nazi and admired Hitler. It split from the German Empire Party. Leaders included Otto Ernst Remer, a former Major General, and Fritz Dorls.

The SRP claimed West Germany's first Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer only did what the United States told, and that Karl Dönitz was the last legal of Germany.

The SRP also said that the Holocaust never happened, and that the ovens of the Dachau concentration camp were built by the United States after 1945. The SRP also wanted Europe to be led by a reunited German Reich, and that it would not be capitalist or communist.

The SRP never criticised the Soviet Union[1] because the Russians funded the SRP because it was anti-American. The only other party modern in postwar Germany was the Communist Party of Germany. It did not get Soviet funds because the Russians thought it was useless.[2] SRP leader Remer once said that if the USSR ever did invade Germany, he would "show the Russians the way to the Rhine".[3]

The SRP had its own paramilitary organisation, the Reichsfront.

The SRP had about ten thousand members and it won 16 seats in the Lower Saxony Landtag election, and 8 seats Bremen.

It was banned in 1952 by the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, the only court with the power to do so.

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